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Our team consists of a tightly-knit group of writing hotshots. We stand out by bringing subject area experts on board after a rigorous test and extensive training session.

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We don’t overlook the possibility of new changes that you may require. Our unlimited revision policy ensures that your request for revisions is catered.

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You can certainly make plagiarism least of your concerns with CrownEssays. We check your papers twice to ensure originality; via Copyscape and Turnitin.

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We diligently streamline our work process to ensure timely deliveries. What’s more, we maintain the tricky balance between quality and deadline adherence.

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Our 100% money back assurance is an evidence of our unwavering dedication. However, we mirror your guidelines so that you never have to lodge any such claim.

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You can rest assured your references and bibliography will be on point. We have access to all the authentic sources on the internet, utilized for top-notch research to complete all orders.

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We make user area available as soon as you sign up with CrownEssays. You can keep track of your orders, mark revisions and connect with experts on the go.

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Explore our list of frequently asked questions.Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t re-publish the papers that we write for you; neither do we sell them to a third party, company or individual. Your personal information including name, phone number, and location will only be visible to our customer support department. After writing any paper, we transfer all its ownership rights to the customer.
Once you have placed your order, our team of highly qualified professionals will work on your project and will make sure that the order is delivered according to your requirements. In case you need an update, you can come on the live chat with one of our representatives and check on the status of your order; we are available 24/7.
Mostly, yes. As you being a customer, prefer to keep your privacy; most of our writers/editors are also inclined towards keeping their privacy, hence, avoiding direct communication with the clients. However, we do not want to make you feel uncertain. Therefore, you can always communicate with our writer via emails. Once you place an order, you can share all your concerns with the writer by sending an email to care@crownessays.com.
By having a fairly large team of professionals on board, we are able to have most of the orders delivered prior to or in accordance with the set deadline. Our professional writers are dedicated to complete your project in a timely way and offer a fast turnaround time.
It is highly unlikely that you won’t receive anything against your order. However, in a few orders there might be a slight chance of a little delay due to some technical glitches. As a customer-oriented company, we will make every effort to provide you with the best care and compensate you if any such situation occurs.
Our major concern is client satisfaction, our quality work and longstanding reputation act as a testament to our integrity as a company. Our services conform 100% to all relevant legislation in the US, and our clients can rest assured that by contracting our services, they are not in contravention of any US law.
You need to go to our Order Now page and fill out all the necessary order details regarding your order. If you are a new client, you need to create an account prior to placing your order. Once you fill in the details of your request, the support team members will review your inquiry and reach you for your payment details. As soon as the order is placed, we allocate a writer for your assignment right away.

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